The View From A Heart-Centred, Authentic Soapbox

We All Hate Pushy Salespeople

No one likes a Delboy-style con of a sales person. No one likes the hard sell of the 1980s and 1990 timeshare salesforces and their ilk. We equally don’t want someone to insinuate themselves into our lives, via our phone and try to sell us insurance or anything else. No one likes to be pushed into buying something that they don’t want.

What everyone who needs to buy something wants, is an intelligent, customer-focused conversation with a businesswoman who knows her stuff and is neither a 20th Century nightmare sales woman, nor a timid, embarrassed and flustered mess. (more…)

Goal Setting For Newbies

It’s all very well knowing you should set a goal for your business, but what if you have no idea of what that goal should be? There are so many of us that pluck a goal from thin air “£25,000 in sales this quarter/year” without any idea of why, or how we are going to achieve it.

The secret to setting goals is to set them at a level that causes stirrings in your belly, but doesn’t scare the bejeebus out of you. A good goal should get you out of your comfort zone, but not to a state of panic, overwhelm and paralysis. (more…)

The Incredible Power Of Mind Monkeys

We humans are clever creatures. Our brains are wired to try to protect us from feeling pain. So good are our brains at this, that they can overdo it and completely paralyse us when there is little or no potential for pain there at all, other than imagined pain.

We can get ourselves into situations where we are so afraid of doing the wrong thing, or of something not being absolutely perfect, that we do nothing at all. (more…)