What Brexit Means For Women Business Owners

“Curiouser and curiouser” said Alice

For some, Brexit may feel like we’ve fallen through the looking glass, or down a rabbit hole, for others, the ship has been steadied and we’re on our way to a brighter future. Whichever is true – and there is heated debate on both sides both before and since the result of the election has been announced – there are certainties that apply immediately for women with small businesses: (more…)

2 Different (But Equally Effective) Ways To Quit The Day Job and Go Self-Employed

Two separate conversations with two very different women are the impetus for this week’s thought-sharing. The two women in question have full-time jobs and both would prefer to quit and be full-time self-employed in the businesses that they already have. Currently however, the businesses just don’t make enough money to justify, or indeed allow them to go wholly self-employed. (more…)