How To Use Disney Magic To Delight Your Customers

Isn’t Paris Wonderful?

I just got back from Paris. City of the fabulous cathedrals, beautiful street art and mouth-watering pastries. It’s also the city of Disneyland Paris. It has to be said that what Disney does, they do well. Their story and film-based rides are entertaining and fun, their characters are delightful, their light show is astonishing (and their prices are eye-watering!). What they also do well is something that we could do well to learn from. They are the masters at customer service. (more…)

6 Money Leaks You Need To Plug In Your Business

The Sales-Related Money Problem

Last week, I was talking to Lucy, who has her own business. She’s feeling at the end of her rope. She’s worked so hard and yet doesn’t feel like she’s getting anywhere. Her perception is that it just isn’t worth it. She might as well give up and get a job. Specifically, she hasn’t made enough money to pay herself in fact, it feels like her business is costing her money. She works hard and has a good customer base, but just doesn’t ever seem to have enough cash in the business to pay herself. (more…)