How To Be A Savvy Networker (And Actually Enjoy It!)

Good sales come from effective marketing. Effective marketing, means being in the same place as your customer, so that they can see you. If you sell to businesses, then one of the places that your customer may well be is at networking events. That means you need to become an effective networker.

Networking is something that I’ve often heard women say that they hate, which is odd, because women are the very best networkers in the world! We often recommend things that we’ve tried, we are positive about someone’s product or service, we speak highly of a new restaurant or film; that’s networking at it’s finest. (more…)

How To Keep The Animals Out Of Presenting

Presenting – one of the biggest stress-inducing things of all time!

I have listened to some really interesting speakers in my time. I’ve heard Jeffrey Archer speak – he was fantastic; dry and witty (which was most unexpected to be honest). One of the best speakers I ever heard was Ranulph Fienes, he was so funny that my stomach was hurting from laughing so much.

I’ve also heard some great not-so-famous speakers too. Some fabulous men and women with an interesting story to tell, and an even more interesting way of telling it. I’ve found that there is one thing that separates the interesting speakers from the truly spellbinding and, funnily enough it isn’t what they’re speaking about. It’s what their body is doing while they are speaking. (more…)

Take Time Off, I Give You Permission!

Take Time Off

There are many reasons why we choose to have our own businesses. They range from the ‘I simply couldn’t find a job I wanted to do so I created my own’ to the ‘I can earn more if I do it for myself’. From the ‘I want the flexibility in hours to fit around my family’ to the ‘I want to prove to myself I can do it’. There are no reasons that are better than others, they are all good reasons. (more…)

Don’t Hate Yourself, Learn To Sell!

How To Monitor Progress

I used to be an English language teacher. I taught visiting foreign students how to speak English. One of the biggest challenges that teachers (and students) face when learning English – or anything at all really – is measuring progress.

When it’s you doing the learning, you just don’t your own notice progress unless you consciously monitor it.

When I work with a VIP client, the first piece of work we do is an intensive month, where we talk together every day for a month. We get Sundays off. It’s a ‘fast track to sales success’ course.

The first piece of work that my clients do is to write a Starting Point document. This document is an objective look at where they are business-wise and a subjective look at how they feel about where they are. Each week, they complete an ‘end of week’ document and together, these form a narrative of the journey that they have taken and of their progress. (more…)