100% Committed: SO Much Easier Than 99%

100% Committed To The Wrong Thing

I used to smoke. I spent years cutting down. I’d wait as long as I could for the first cigarette of the day and manage until about lunch time before grabbing my cigarette packet and heading outdoors to alleviate that ‘addict’s itch’. I was so committed to smoking that it was bloody hard work, and I spent every morning of those days feeling like a martyr. I was suffering and so everyone else had to suffer too. (more…)

Pay Attention To Your RAS

If you read personal development books or motivational ones, you’ll have no doubt read about the most amazing things happening once someone made a decision to commit to, and focus on, a project. An example of the type of thing I’m talking about can be found here. This is a quote of W H Murray, who was a Scottish Explorer. To paraphrase him, he said that once you decide ‘Right! This is it!’, all sort of opportunities appear all over the place that weren’t there before.

He was right. They really do and there’s science behind why. (more…)