When This Happens, That Can Happen

Overwhelm Is A Horrible Thing

Overwhelm is rotten. Particularly when it comes before you’re ready to take the next step. It doesn’t matter whether your next step is to start your business or one of growth; if you’re plagued with ‘when this then that-itis’, you’re overwhelmed.

What I mean by ‘when this then that-itis’ is that horrible situation of not being able to tell what the best next step should be. Let me give you a couple of examples: (more…)

1, 2, 3….. Get Selling!

I’ve been doing something unusual this last few weeks. I‘ve been working with a bloke! We’ve been talking about selling techniques.

He’s a web designer and a bloody good one at that. He creates beautiful, elegant websites with lovely features that are great for the website visitor and even greater for the owner of the website. Even better, once he’s created the site, he offers tech support on an inexpensive retainer that means you only have to do the bits you want to (writing blog posts perhaps?) and he’ll do the rest. His best skill is that he can put all of the techy jargon into plain English and make the most technophobic of us understand what it’s all about. (more…)

Everyone Hates Pushy Saleswomen

EVERYONE Hates Pushy Saleswomen!

I was scrolling through Facebook the other day, in a quiet moment. You know how you do? Idly swiping my thumb up my phone screen when I read something that stopped me in my tracks. A lovely woman I know, who is a direct saleswoman, had written that someone had asked her if she was enjoying her new job. Her response was roughly, “Yes I am. I hate selling, but I absolutely love helping people”.

I had to stop. I read it again. I posted in the comments, ‘selling is helping people!’ and I left Facebook to go and ponder this strange post some more. (more…)