3 Apps To Improve Your Relationship With Money, Without Costing You Time

Let’s Talk About Money

I’ve been talking money with some clients this week. Isn’t money the biggest mind monkey of all? There are coaches who have made an entire business from helping women with their relationship with money…

Some of us, it seems are bloody brilliant with money. My mum was one of them. She managed to keep and feed a family of 6 on virtually nothing and I don’t ever remember even being aware that we had so little. I see women who have neat little bundles of receipts and log them in notebooks. I see women who religiously sit down once a week to do their books. Mostly however, I see women for whom money is yet another thing to ignore when it gets tough. As long as we small business owners can keep some cash flowing, we can wing it, right? (more…)

Don’t Let Life Make You Stop!

Life Happens

A couple of weeks ago, we got a puppy. Her name’s Winnie and in the excitement that is ‘new puppies’, I allowed my weekly newsletter, my Monday Morning Motivator (MMM) to slip. In fact, it slipped my mind so completely, that if one of my readers hadn’t sent me a message to say ‘what happened to your MMM today?’ I wouldn’t have remembered at all.

Wracked with guilt, I put a post on my Facebook page with a picture of Winnie and said that normal service would be resumed next week due to spectacular distractions in the shape of a puppy. (more…)