I’m in Cuba. It’s lovely. It’s also disconnected from the internet and that leads to old-fashioned things, like reflecting. I’ve been reflecting particularly on what you can achieve in 30 minutes.

In 30 minutes you can:

  1. Get a great chili-con-carne/veggie underway and leave it to simmer to create those lovely flavours.
  2. Meditate with one of those clever app things. This is the one I use: Focus@Will.
  3. Take your dog on a short walk.
  4. Write a blog post (look, I’m doing it now).
  5. Enrol on a course that can change the way you view things and help you concentrate on improving certain areas of your life. My current favourite is Denise Duffield-Thomas’ Manifesting Course.
  6. Sew on all the buttons that are missing from various outfits that you’ll get round to one day.
  7. Record a podcast or two (reuse your existing content to do it) and then upload it to iTunes.
  8. Record a video and put it on your website or Facebook page. Or you could just save yourself a load of time and go30 minutes Facebook Live, 3 or 4 times!
  9. Make a pot of tea, or coffee and just sit.
  10. Create a mind map of something you’ve been trying to get clarity on. Here are some cool sites where you can do this for free: us, Mindomo and my favourite, Mindmup.
  11. Read a couple of chapters of some trashy novel, just because you can. Who cares if it isn’t improving your intellect?
  12. Write a card to a friend telling them that you miss them and then walk to the post box and actually post it.
  13. Cross something off your other to-do list. You know, the household one (change lightbulb etc).
  14. Make homemade lemonade. It’s my favourite summer drink. This is a great 30-minute recipe.
  15. Prepare yourself something to eat for lunch later.
  16. Read more of my blog posts (!!).
  17. Get some laser-focused coaching.

That last one is very powerful.

I’ve Been Studying!

For the last 6 months, I have been studying for an International Coaching Federation accreditation. It involves

  • 48 hours of classroom study on a residential course
  • 10 hours of mentor-coaching (where I am coached by a highly qualified ICF MCC)
  • 120 hours of coaching by me
  • 5 hours of ‘practicums’ (where I am recorded while coaching)
  • a written exam.

It’s a toughie, but goodness me, it has honed my coaching skills. One of the most incredibly effective things I have learned about 30-minute laser-focused coaching. It can be delivered as a general coaching session, or as a mentor session (where the coach has knowledge to share as well as coaching skills – for example sales knowledge).

Laser-Focused Clarity

This newfound effective skill is the basis for my Laser-Focused Clarity programme. I have designed this programme to be able to offer my time on a 1:1 basis at a cost that is affordable to everyone. In addition to the monthly, 30 minutes session, I have found a fabulous coaching app which I use to enhance the coaching/mentoring experience by being able to keep in touch with my clients throughout the month. It costs just £50 a month. In addition, each of the clients on this programme also gets access to The Accountability Club, which usually costs £10 a month on its own; a modular sales training course and a Facebook group full of women just like you who are building their businesses.

Laser-Focused Clarity is subscription-based and you’re not tied in for any length of time. Why not give it a try?