Welcome To The Sales Academy For Girls!

I’m Sarah Short, sales expert, and owner and founder of The Sales Academy For Girls.

The Sales Academy For Girls is THE place to be if you need more customers, buying more, more often. I help businesswomen to create a business that provides financial security for their families and themselves. There are lots of women who own teeny-tiny businesses who hate selling. There are lots of women who own much bigger businesses hate selling too.The Sales Academy For Girls

I created The Sales Academy For Girls for women just like you, who know intellectually that they need to sell more, but somehow find that selling brings out their biggest mind-monkeys; the ‘I take rejection personally‘ monkey, the ‘I feel pushy‘ monkey, the ‘but what if they judge me negatively‘ monkey and the ‘What if they can’t afford it?‘ monkey to name a few. It’s a place for those who are not confident when it comes to how to sell.

What Is The Sales Academy For Girls?

It’s a pThe Sales Academy For Girlslace that you can spend time with other women who feel the same as you do, get help and advice on all things sales and selling (marketing comes into this too!) and ask every question you want without being scared it’s a silly one. (Remember, the only silly question is the one you don’t ask and then wish you had later!)
There are a few ways to interact with The Academy and me, and you could start by hopping over and liking our Facebook page and by going to my Free Stuff page and helping yourself to some cool resources. TThe Sales Academy For Girlshey are designed to get your head in the selling game.

What If I Need More Help?

The Accountability Club is a monthly membership club for women who want to sell but need training, support and accountability to do so. We have a Facebook group where you can ask me all of your selling questions and regular Q&A webinars to be able to get questions
specific to your business answered. For £10 a month (with a 1 week trial for £1), it’s an absolute bargain!

Sarah x

About Sarah Short

The Sales Academy For GirlsSarah has had her own business for most of her working life. She’s worked across industries and cultures, but always in the fields of education and sales. Over the years she has sold incredibly successfully and appallingly badly, which is why she’s perfectly placed to help you; you can literally learn from someone else’s mistakes.

Sarah has taught selling techniques to women with businesses of all sizes, from those who are just setting out in business, to those who want to press through the VAT threshold and beyond. She currently works with small businesses as well as businesses with a turnover of £40 million.

If you want more customers, buying more, more often, Sarah’s the girl for you!

Speaking and Training

Sarah delivers motivational and sales-specific training to groups of business owners all over the country. You don’t even have to be a girl to benefit!

If you have an MLM team, or a team of sales people that you feel could benefit from some tailored, inspirational and nuts-and-bolts practical sales training, get in touch.



Sarah Short, looking smart!
Sarah Short, looking smart!