Pay Attention To Your RAS

If you read personal development books or motivational ones, you’ll have no doubt read about the most amazing things happening once someone made a decision to commit to, and focus on, a project. An example of the type of thing I’m talking about can be found here. This is a quote of W H Murray, who was a Scottish Explorer. To paraphrase him, he said that once you decide ‘Right! This is it!’, all sort of opportunities appear all over the place that weren’t there before.

He was right. They really do and there’s science behind why. (more…)

My TEDx Talk Topic, My Passion

I’m Passionate About Self-Employment

As most of you are probably aware, I’m a huge advocate for women creating their own income. Men too for that matter. In fact, I think it’s fair to say that I firmly believe that we should all have a way to create our own income so that we are not reliant on employers. Employment is still regarded as the ‘correct’ and respectable way to make a living. There is often a slight feeling of distaste detected in an employee when they discover that the person that they’re talking to is self-employed. The phrase ‘why don’t you get a proper job?’ is aimed almost exclusively at the self-employed and it has a very specific meaning; why don’t you go and work for someone else? (more…)

Why Is It The Sales Academy For GIRLS?

I’m often asked why I have called my business The Sales Academy for Girls. It’s usually followed by a comment about sexism. I always say that if any bloke can walk half a dozen steps in high heels, he’s in!

Seriously though, the reason that my work is directed at women particularly is that we ‘girls’ have a specific set of issues around selling and they are very different from those that men have. (more…)

Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Business

Be careful of your thoughts, for they become words
Be careful of your words, for they become your actions
Be careful of your actions, for they become your habits
Be careful of your habits, for they become your character
Be careful of your character, for it becomes your destiny
Mahatma Ghandi

A Wake-Up Call

I have a lovely friend named Andrea. Andrea has a high-flying job in a city in the north of England. She has a gorgeous city-centre home and a partner who adores her. Andrea could be said to be ‘living the life’. However, Andrea has one habit that has stopped her from loving her life; she thinks the wrong things. (more…)

How To Be A Savvy Networker (And Actually Enjoy It!)

Good sales come from effective marketing. Effective marketing, means being in the same place as your customer, so that they can see you. If you sell to businesses, then one of the places that your customer may well be is at networking events. That means you need to become an effective networker.

Networking is something that I’ve often heard women say that they hate, which is odd, because women are the very best networkers in the world! We often recommend things that we’ve tried, we are positive about someone’s product or service, we speak highly of a new restaurant or film; that’s networking at it’s finest. (more…)