3 Apps To Improve Your Relationship With Money, Without Costing You Time

Let’s Talk About Money

I’ve been talking money with some clients this week. Isn’t money the biggest mind monkey of all? There are coaches who have made an entire business from helping women with their relationship with money…

Some of us, it seems are bloody brilliant with money. My mum was one of them. She managed to keep and feed a family of 6 on virtually nothing and I don’t ever remember even being aware that we had so little. I see women who have neat little bundles of receipts and log them in notebooks. I see women who religiously sit down once a week to do their books. Mostly however, I see women for whom money is yet another thing to ignore when it gets tough. As long as we small business owners can keep some cash flowing, we can wing it, right? (more…)

How Can I Find Out What My Customer Wants To Spend?

One of my lovely Accountability Club ladies who sells a service (as opposed to a product) posted a budget question in our Facebook group this week and I thought it was worthy of further discussion. Fiona has a business that markets other people’s businesses in her local area. She works very hard to make sure that the things she promotes are visible to as many relevant people as possible. It’s serious work, promoting other people’s stuff and Fiona doesn’t take the responsibility lightly.

What Do They Want To Spend?

The question Fiona asked is how she can find out what budget potential clients have? That way a) she doesn’t waste time dealing with people who people think that her service is free and b) she can tailor the perfect package for them so that they can get maximum visibility. (more…)

6 Money Leaks You Need To Plug In Your Business

The Sales-Related Money Problem

Last week, I was talking to Lucy, who has her own business. She’s feeling at the end of her rope. She’s worked so hard and yet doesn’t feel like she’s getting anywhere. Her perception is that it just isn’t worth it. She might as well give up and get a job. Specifically, she hasn’t made enough money to pay herself in fact, it feels like her business is costing her money. She works hard and has a good customer base, but just doesn’t ever seem to have enough cash in the business to pay herself. (more…)