How Can I Find Out What My Customer Wants To Spend?

One of my lovely Accountability Club ladies who sells a service (as opposed to a product) posted a budget question in our Facebook group this week and I thought it was worthy of further discussion. Fiona has a business that markets other people’s businesses in her local area. She works very hard to make sure that the things she promotes are visible to as many relevant people as possible. It’s serious work, promoting other people’s stuff and Fiona doesn’t take the responsibility lightly.

What Do They Want To Spend?

The question Fiona asked is how she can find out what budget potential clients have? That way a) she doesn’t waste time dealing with people who people think that her service is free and b) she can tailor the perfect package for them so that they can get maximum visibility. (more…)

How To Work Out What You Should Charge AND Stay Sane

Last Thursday, I was talking to a friend of mine, who is an author and a mentor for new business owners. We were talking about how difficult new business owners find it to wrap their heads around the value of the concept of an ideal customer. We discussed how very important it is to establish who your ideal customer is and how resistant people are to doing this particular piece of work.

A really good reason for working out who this ideal customer is, is that knowing slays another really big dragon. This particular dragon is a terrifying, fire-breathing one: Pricing.