1, 2, 3….. Get Selling!

I’ve been doing something unusual this last few weeks. I‘ve been working with a bloke! We’ve been talking about selling techniques.

He’s a web designer and a bloody good one at that. He creates beautiful, elegant websites with lovely features that are great for the website visitor and even greater for the owner of the website. Even better, once he’s created the site, he offers tech support on an inexpensive retainer that means you only have to do the bits you want to (writing blog posts perhaps?) and he’ll do the rest. His best skill is that he can put all of the techy jargon into plain English and make the most technophobic of us understand what it’s all about. (more…)

Everyone Hates Pushy Saleswomen

EVERYONE Hates Pushy Saleswomen!

I was scrolling through Facebook the other day, in a quiet moment. You know how you do? Idly swiping my thumb up my phone screen when I read something that stopped me in my tracks. A lovely woman I know, who is a direct saleswoman, had written that someone had asked her if she was enjoying her new job. Her response was roughly, “Yes I am. I hate selling, but I absolutely love helping people”.

I had to stop. I read it again. I posted in the comments, ‘selling is helping people!’ and I left Facebook to go and ponder this strange post some more. (more…)

What Is Your Customer Buying From You?

The ONE Answer A Customer Wants

If there’s one answer a customer wants to hear, it’s ‘I completely understand your problem, and I believe I can help you’. How can you get your customers to this stage? By understanding what they are buying from you. That sounds really odd, doesn’t it? You know what you’re selling of course. You’re selling cosmetics, or skin care, or health-care products, or weight-loss, or paintings, or jewellery or copywriting, or proof-reading, or insurance. (more…)

Don’t Hate Yourself, Learn To Sell!

How To Monitor Progress

I used to be an English language teacher. I taught visiting foreign students how to speak English. One of the biggest challenges that teachers (and students) face when learning English – or anything at all really – is measuring progress.

When it’s you doing the learning, you just don’t your own notice progress unless you consciously monitor it.

When I work with a VIP client, the first piece of work we do is an intensive month, where we talk together every day for a month. We get Sundays off. It’s a ‘fast track to sales success’ course.

The first piece of work that my clients do is to write a Starting Point document. This document is an objective look at where they are business-wise and a subjective look at how they feel about where they are. Each week, they complete an ‘end of week’ document and together, these form a narrative of the journey that they have taken and of their progress. (more…)

How To Find Sales Time When You Have No Time

Not Enough Hours In The Day!

When we have businesses that require that we spend 1:1 time with clients, it’s so easy to find that all of our time is taken with working in the business and nothing is spent working on our business.

If I could only have a penny for every businesswoman who has told me that she just doesn’t have time for sales and marketing, because her day is full of client-facing work….. (more…)