The ONE Answer A Customer Wants

If there’s one answer a customer wants to hear, it’s ‘I completely understand your problem, and I believe I can help you’. How can you get your customers to this stage? By understanding what they are buying from you. That sounds really odd, doesn’t it? You know what you’re selling of course. You’re selling cosmetics, or skin care, or health-care products, or weight-loss, or paintings, or jewellery or copywriting, or proof-reading, or insurance.

Selling -v- Buying

What are your customers buying from you? I can absolutely guarantee that it isn’t what you think you’re selling.

Let me give you an example. I sell online and face-to-face sales courses and 1:1 sales and business coaching. I can tell you right Buying and sellingnow that people don’t buy coaching or training from me. They buy a better understanding of the sales process, they buy sales techniques, they buy self-confidence and self-belief, they buy accountability. They mainly buy a bigger, more profitable business. They certainly aren’t buying coaching.

What Are Your Customers Buying From You?

Your customers are buying outcomes. They buy results. They often don’t really mind (or even care in some cases) how they achieve their outcome, but that’s what they want.

If you sell cosmetics, you’re selling image, confidence, pride and self-belief.
If weight-loss products are what you sell, you’re selling self-belief, healthy futures, self-esteem and a new outlook; free from self-loathing.
If you sell health-care products, you’re selling healthy futures, comfort and the feeling of satisfaction that comes from taking care of loved ones.
If you’re selling jewellery, you’re selling feelings. Feeling attractive, well-groomed and confident. Also, the joy of owning a thing of beauty. This goes for painters/crafters too.
Copywriting is slightly different because you’re solving a problem for those who don’t have the ability to express themselves in their own voice without the agony of staring at a blank piece of paper for hours. You’re selling eloquence, articulation, and a public image.
Proof-readers are selling confidence and precision.

If you think about what you do from your customer’s point of view, the products or services you are selling are fulfilling a need, or solving a problem. Those two things are the only reason that people buy anything.

The Sales Academy For Girls - BuyingSo I ask the question again; what are your customers buying from you? How can you use that information to craft a sales conversation in which you are able to say to them ‘I completely understand your problem, and I believe I can help you’.