Life Happens

A couple of weeks ago, we got a puppy. Her name’s Winnie and in the excitement that is ‘new puppies’, I allowed my weekly newsletter, my Monday Morning Motivator (MMM) to slip. In fact, it slipped my mind so completely, that if one of my readers hadn’t sent me a message to say ‘what happened to your MMM today?’ I wouldn’t have remembered at all.

Wracked with guilt, I put a post on my Facebook page with a picture of Winnie and said that normal service would be resumed next week due to spectacular distractions in the shape of a puppy.

Strike One

That should have been that really. The next week, my MMM should have gone out as usual. Allow me to remind you (or inform you if you’re new to my blog) that I’ve been sending out this MMM for three years now and I’ve missed sending it on very few occasions. An example of when I didn’t send it out was in December 2015 when Cumbria flooded in Storm Desmond – no power at mine and a moat of dirty river water surrounded my house for 48 hours; a great reason to miss a newsletter, I think you’d agree.

However, what I couldn’t have foretold when the puppy stole our hearts and my memory, was that there was going to be a fairly big problem the following weekend too. This problem manifested itself in the shape of a hideous gastric bug. I was attending a conference, or to be more accurate, I should have been, but instead for most of it, I was asleep in bed, or in the bathroom. It was truly dreadful. It was at its most vicious on the Sunday evening and through the night and once again, my MMM couldn’t have been further from my mind.

Strike Two

The second time my MMM didn’t go out, I got a little flurry of emails and messages from subscribers asking me if everything was alright? Was I aware that they hadn’t received a newsletter from me? Had they managed to unsubscribe by mistake? My heart was warmed, but the gastric bug was vicious enough to have me in bed – and asleep – until Thursday. I didn’t have the energy to wash my hair, let alone write a blog post.

It’s now Monday night of the third week. I somehow have manged to miss creating my MMM for a third week, I’m sorry to say.

Strike Three?

Three strikes and I’m out? No chance!

Let’s have a look at this, shall we? I’ve been writing a weekly blog for three years. Three years! That’s 150+ blog posts in that time. I’ve had two separate websites and a whole rebrand in that time and I rarely missed a single week, let alone three weeks on the trot. I couldn’t work out what’s going on.

I have to confess to actually debating just not bothering with my blog post again. The little mind monkey that’s in charge of this stuff, whispered that no one cares about my blog post. No one really reads it; it doesn’t matter if I stop. What difference does it make anyway? And then his morning, I got a lovely email from one of my subscribers telling me that she’d really missed my MMMs and that they set her up for the week. She asked me if she needed to pay to continue to receive them and could I send her a link to do so. I was stunned.

So, dear reader (I’ve always wanted to write that!!), here is my blog post, late, but written with love.

What Did I Learn?

Even a three-year habit is easy to break once you get out of the routine.
It’s surprisingly easy to not do something that you think is so automatic you couldn’t possibly forget it.
Life can throw curve balls, more than one at a time.
Mind monkeys are very cunning and convincing.
People are lovely and they care.

The two biggest things out of the above for me are:
1) that I so easily got out of the habit of writing my blog. I’m back to having it in my diary and it will be my Sunday evening job as of this weekend.
2) People are lovely, thank you Mary, Alex and Joanne in particular for thinking of me and reminding me that what I do matters at some level.

See you next week. xxx