EVERYONE Hates Pushy Saleswomen!

I was scrolling through Facebook the other day, in a quiet moment. You know how you do? Idly swiping my thumb up my phone screen when I read something that stopped me in my tracks. A lovely woman I know, who is a direct saleswoman, had written that someone had asked her if she was enjoying her new job. Her response was roughly, “Yes I am. I hate selling, but I absolutely love helping people”.

I had to stop. I read it again. I posted in the comments, ‘selling is helping people!’ and I left Facebook to go and ponder this strange post some more.

Selling Is Helping People

That’s exactly what selling is. Selling is helping your customer to understand what problem your product/service solves, or what need it fulfills for them. Then, it’s helping them to understand how to use your product/service to best effect, for them in their particular situation. That’s it. There’s a whole thing around customer service that comes into play too, but we’re not talking about that here.

Hating Selling Seems To Be Innate

I have a friend staying at the moment who is great for chewing over things with, so we discussed this particular Facebook comment at length over dinner one evening.  The conclusion that we came to is that most of us still have this innate horror of being thought of as a pushy saleswoman. It runs through us like the lettering in Blackpool rock.

The thing is this; when did you last come across a pushy sales person? Add into that equation, the number of sales transactions we make in a day/week/month/year and work out the percentage of pushy sales people. Personally, I’ve not come across a pushy salesperson since the early 90s. So for me, it’s 0%. Even if you’ve come across the odd one, the number of delightful, helpful and professional sales people far outweigh them. So why do we still believe that we hate selling? Why do we find it so very difficult to see that selling is simply helping people?

Are We Really Just Forgetful?

Sarah Short. Teaching Women To SellOn the basis that we’re none of us getting any younger, and that some of us remember the 80s and 90s better than we remember what happened last week, maybe that explains the squirmy feeling we get about pushy sales people? Our experience was so horrific, 25+ years ago that we’re hanging onto it for grim death. I find that difficult to believe.

A Woman On A Mission

So I find myself, at the beginning of 2017, with my ongoing one-woman crusade to get women selling (comfortably, confidently and competently). My determination is stronger than ever. I can show you why you don’t need to feel anxious about selling.

Watch this space!