I know you probably hate selling, or at least think you’re rubbish at it. So, I created a few resources to show you how to sell without feeling pushy, and without taking it personally. In fact, done right, selling is FUN!!

Choose from the three things below (or treat yourself to all three!). Let me show you that you too CAN sell comfortably, confidently and competently.

How To Be Sales AWESOME!

I’ve spent the last few months creating an eBook that’s all How To Be Sales AWESOME!

If you:

  • Wish you understood the whole selling thing
  • Want to stop taking it all so personally
  • Wish you didn’t feel so guilty about time you spend on your business (and not with your family)
  • Need to increase your sales with limited time, energy and resources

then this eBook is just for you. Pop your details below and it’s yours!

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5 Steps To GUARANTEED Sales!

Contrary to popular belief, the ability to sell isn’t something we’re born with. Selling is a skill and like every other skill – driving, cooking, playing the piano – it can be learned.

I’ve created a really simple 5-step system for selling, which if you follow it, will guarantee more sales. In fact, it can create whatever level of sales you want. To make it easy to follow, I’ve made a series of 5 bite-sized videos. Each one explains exactly what you need to do to increase your sales to whatever  you want.

Pop your details below and you’ll have the videos in your inbox before you can say ‘Jack Robinson’! (Who is Jack Robinson?!?!)

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7 Rookie Sales Mistakes (And Why They're Costing You A FORTUNE!)

I talk to a lot of women about selling. What’s interesting is that the mistakes we make are remarkably similar across many different types of business. Things like:

  1. Giving lots of stuff away for free to ‘get your name out there’
  2. We worry that our customers can’t afford our products/services
  3. We are waiting, with our fingers crossed, for that word-of-mouth business to come pouring in
  4. We wonder why our happy customers aren’t telling the world about how wonderful we are

I made a quick and dirty half-hour class which goes into those 4 things (and 3 more!) in some detail and explains how to overcome each one.

Want to watch it? Pop your details below and it’s yours!

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