You Can’t Sell To Someone Who’s Never Heard Of Your Offer!

Nobody can buy a product or service they don’t know about from a business they haven’t heard of! It seems obvious doesn’t it and yet many business owners don’t put much time into working out how they will pull in new customers.

We are bombarded by information on a daily basis. Facebook, Twitter, emails, text messages, podcasts, blogs, advertising to mention just a few of the things clamouring for our attention. Our marketing messages compete in a world that gets noisier all the time. So just how can we gain the attention of new customers and generate interest in our offer?

3 Questions To Bring Clarity

I think we need to start by answering three key questions:

  1. Who am I targeting? Remember that your message only has to resonate with your ideal audience so being specific about who that is will help to determine your next step.
  2. What do I want them to do? The answer to this question will depend upon the stage of the customer journey your audience is at. Unless a purchase is a spur of the moment, low-risk investment, we need to take the buyer through a multi-step process until they are ready to part with their hard earned cash. Asking for the sale too soon will put people off so think what’s the natural next stage in the relationship building?
  3. Why would they want to take the action I propose? This is where it’s important to have a deep understanding of your target market and their needs and wants. How will your target benefit from taking the action?

Gaining Attention And Interest From New Customers

Deciding who, what and why is the easy bit, the challenge is getting our message heard amongst the noise. We have seconds to gain attention and interest so we need an image, a headline or an opening paragraph that quickly appeals to our target. How do we find that?

A great place to start is with our own behaviour. What made you click on that Facebook post? Why didI Am A Fabulous Saleswoman you open that email? What caught your eye in an advertisement? When you analyse your behaviour you will probably find that something made you curious or appealed to your sense of fun or spoke so directly to you that it was like the person was joining the conversation you were having inside your own head. I invested in an expensive handbag because the headline and image promised order from the chaos my handbags are usually in. I responded to an email offer of help because the writer had clearly done her homework and spoke about the challenges she ‘knew’ I faced.

Adapt the ideas that worked with you. Think what would intrigue or entertain your target. What’s the self-dialogue she’s having? Then test out those ideas to find the ones that work best for you, rinse and repeat. Of course, this only works if your message appears where your target hangs out but that’s a whole other story!

Glenda Shawley of The Training Pack is a trainer and marketing consultant helping people to start and grow a small business.  Her book Founded after 40: how to start a business when you haven’t got time to waste was published in January 2017. For more information see Facebook: Twitter:  Linked In: