Working with Sarah has been scary, energising, terrifying, inspirational and always challenging but fun. She has total and utter confidence in my abilities and instills that belief in every conversation until eventually I started believing it for myself. I am still very much a work in progress but with Sarah’s ongoing help I know that I will push all the boundaries of my comfort zone and grow beyond my dreams. And I won’t die!

Debbie McLauchlan

Weight Plan Consultant

Sarah is incisive and very knowledgeable in her field but manages to demystify it and make it fun. I now realise that this process is simple, but effective. The only reason that I haven’t been able to do it before is that I didn’t know the rules, now that these have been shown to me I can implement them. I have discovered that I can easily learn things that I thought were beyond me.

Sally Reeve

Weight Management Consultant

I have achieved more than I ever imagined! Working with Sarah has been a turning point for me. I’ve realised that little bits every day really do add up! I look forward to talking to Sarah and to planning each day!

Victoria Irving

Owner, The Painted Feather