Two separate conversations about having the risk of attracting too many customers have prompted me to write this week’s blog.

I’m Scared!

In one case, Julia, a fabulous business woman has been offered access to potentially 200+ clients from the employee base within one company. The company is going to pay her to both deliver a talk on her particular area of expertise and then have 1:1 appointments with any of the 200+ who might want to work with her. Beyond that initial appointment, the employees will pay for their own appointments going forward. There’s great potential, scarily great!

In the other case, Heather, a new businesswoman has been exploring opportunities for her bookkeeping business in her local area. She has come up with three places to advertise. All three have quite a lot of potential for her.

What If I Get Too Many Customers?

In both of these cases, the things that are worrying these women are:

  • What if I get too much work?
  • People will think I’m unreliable if I can’t get back to them/see them on the same day, because hundreds of people reply to my advertising!
  • What if I advertise and I’m inundated with potential customers?
  • I’ll look unprofessional and shoddy if I can’t deliver fabulous service in an instant.
  • I feel anxious and out of my comfort zone, so my mind monkeys are going bananas!

In Heather’s case, she is so worried about the potential for a tsunami of customers that she hasn’t advertised at all. Julia is a bit more sorted in that she has taken advice and support from an experienced businesswoman in her field.

I wish I could tell Heather that advertising in three places would mean that she will have so much work she won’t know What If I Get Too Many Customers?what to do. I wish I could. However, the reality is that work comes slowly to start with. A customer or two from each of these sources would be a marvellous result. What I can tell her with absolute certainty is that if she doesn’t advertise for fear of being inundated, she won’t get any work at all.

Julia is more experienced, but still quaking in her shoes about the huge potential she might have tapped. She’s right to get some support from someone who has ‘been there and done it’ within her field.

The Fear Of Success Mind Monkey

This particular mind monkey is a right bugger because he lies. He makes you fearful of taking action due to the fear of success; specifically, not being able to manage that success. The truth is, it is highly unlikely that you’ll find yourself in a situation where you have so many customers you can’t move. If it was as simple as three well-placed ads, or having one great opportunity, then everyone would have huge businesses, wouldn’t they? The reality is that strategically placing ads can work and a great corporate opportunity is a real boon, but neither will, in all probability, overwhelm you with instant customers.

The moral to these tales is this: don’t over think it. Worrying about your business not bringing in enough money because of too few customers is one thing, worrying that you might possibly have too many customers because of one action you take, isn’t worth your time.

Do the thing you’re afraid of and you’ll realise that you won’t get more work than you can cope with. There are urban myths about ‘that woman’ who placed a 50p ad and worked herself into an early grave because of the astonishing number of customers she gained. She didn’t.

You won’t.

Just do it. Take that action.

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