What Is Your Customer Buying From You?

The ONE Answer A Customer Wants

If there’s one answer a customer wants to hear, it’s ‘I completely understand your problem, and I believe I can help you’. How can you get your customers to this stage? By understanding what they are buying from you. That sounds really odd, doesn’t it? You know what you’re selling of course. You’re selling cosmetics, or skin care, or health-care products, or weight-loss, or paintings, or jewellery or copywriting, or proof-reading, or insurance. (more…)

How To Use Disney Magic To Delight Your Customers

Isn’t Paris Wonderful?

I just got back from Paris. City of the fabulous cathedrals, beautiful street art and mouth-watering pastries. It’s also the city of Disneyland Paris. It has to be said that what Disney does, they do well. Their story and film-based rides are entertaining and fun, their characters are delightful, their light show is astonishing (and their prices are eye-watering!). What they also do well is something that we could do well to learn from. They are the masters at customer service. (more…)

How To Find Sales Time When You Have No Time

Not Enough Hours In The Day!

When we have businesses that require that we spend 1:1 time with clients, it’s so easy to find that all of our time is taken with working in the business and nothing is spent working on our business.

If I could only have a penny for every businesswoman who has told me that she just doesn’t have time for sales and marketing, because her day is full of client-facing work….. (more…)